Blackhorse 4 Heroes

Equine Therapy for Disabled Veterans

325 Amity Road, Bethany, CT  06524
To serve those who served us, by providing recreational equine therapy for veterans and others in need

 "Honor is like love. It is a human emotion that, unless experienced, cannot be appreciated" Brad Bertele, President Blackhorse 4 Heroes, Inc.

Why Horses?

Horses communicate through body language.  This affords veterans a calm, non-judgmental platform where horse and driver work together.  Problems seem to disappear when veterans are driving a carriage and communicating with the horse.  Whether physically impaired or able-bodied, once a veteran has reins in hand, the horse and the veteran become equal partners.  Veterans who have physical disabilities can use a carriage specially adapted to accept a wheelchair.  Those with PTSD learn to reduce their stress and relax through the physical exercise of carriage driving.

More than Horses

This program was developed and is staffed with veterans.  No one knows the issues facing veterans better than other veterans.  You can sit in our veteran only groups and feel comfortable discussing your experiences without judgement.  It also surprises many to learn that family is not allowed during our normal sessions, but only on family days.  Families are a distraction from healing, because of the stress of failing to reconnect at home is so strong. 

What next?

Ok, I want to learn more, or volunteer, what do I need to do?  Just join our membership.  We will advise on training days, veterans sessions, or other events of interest.  If you wish to attend, you must register from our events page.  There are no costs, but we do operate on donations so feel free to enjoy the tax relief our 501c3 affords by donating today.

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